01/SEP/2019 - New IBE design improvements

Dear Customers,

We would like to update you regarding several improvements added to the system for a personalized IBE design.

Customized IBE loader

You are now able to change the default plane image on the IBE loader to a design of your own.


In order to change your website's loader please follow these steps:

1. Upload a .gif file of your loader design to the 'New IBE->Storage' sub-module (Important: only .gif files can be used!)


2. On the IBE color settings, paste the link of the loader file.


3. Click 'Save'.

New "One Way <> Roundtrip" Toggle button


In order to change to the new design, go to 'New IBE -> Website Clips' sub-module and click the website settings. 

Mark the "trip type toggle button" option and click save.


Remove the "additional information" field on the payment page


If you wish to remove this part, go to website settings and remove the mark of the "show additional information" option.



Please notice that all the new improvements are only relevant for companies who have migrated to use the new IBE template, if you have not yet migrated your website, please contact us on support@aerocrs.com to schedule your migration.
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