24/SEP/2019 - Seat Map improvements

Dear customers,

We want to update you on a new feature which will allow you to change the colors/icons of the seats in the IBE. 

How to change the colors/icons?

You can go to New IBE > Update Website color settings and set a different color or to add an SVG code format for:

  1. Blocked seats
  2. Free seats
  3. Checked seats (selected seats)
  4. Taken seats (already selected by other user)


Additionally, you can set icons/color per row. You will need to go to New IBE > Seat Icons and to create a new record, adding the following:

  1. Name  (Internal name to be used)
  2. Icon color
  3. Icon (SVG format)


Once created, in the Marketing > Seat Fares you will be able to set the relevant icon/color previously configured. 


This is an example of setting different icons:



If you have additional questions about these new features, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@aerocrs.com 
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