MMB - Manage my Booking

This article will cover all the necessary settings and processes to enable booking management from the airline's website.

This feature can be activated for airlines using the new IBE only and is part of our Ultimate package. Please contact for additional information about activating the MMB feature after reading this article.
The MMB (Manage My Booking) options will be available to the client on the “Find Reservation” section of the website after the client enters his PNR ref and last name.




Cancel a Booking

When a customer/agent chooses to cancel their booking, they will receive an acknowledgment pop-up screen, and after confirmation, the booking will be canceled. In case there is a cancellation fee that needs to be collected per the class policy, the amount will also be displayed on the pop-up screen.



In the CRS, the booking will be canceled, the cancellation fee will be added according to the class policy, and the new flag4 will be raised (Only in cases a refund is needed).



An airline user will need to process the refund to the customer and re-ticket the PNR once it is balanced. Please also make sure to remove the marking of 'flag4' as it will not be automatically removed once the PNR is refunded, balanced, and ticketed. You will be able to search for all the refund pending bookings using the new flag4 on the CRM > Reservations screen and with the filtering option, we recommend creating a saved filter for this action.




The customer/agent will also receive a ref template to their email address after completing the cancellation; you will need to set a new template for such cases in the ref templates settings.


Additionally, an automated email will be sent to the airline’s reservation email address with the refund request and PNR details.



Rebook - Amendments

When a client presses the "Rebook" button, they will have an option to change their service/s by marking the “Rebook this flight” option and selecting the new date for the flight rebooking.


After a client chooses to amend his flight, an acknowledgment pop-up screen will be displayed with the needed explanation and also the amendment fee that will be collected for the change according to the class policy and according to the selected flights.


In case that additional funds need to be collected, the client will be redirected to the payment page with the available payment options (charging the amendment policy fees or if the client booked a higher fare/s). If the rebooked flights have a lower price, the new flag4 will be raised in the PNR, and an automated email will be sent to the airline’s reservation email address with the refund request and the PNR details.


Once completing the amendment process, the client will receive a ref template to their email address, you will need to set a new template for such cases in the ref templates settings.


In the CRS, the amended service/s will be updated on the PNR screen, and the past services will still be visible (as canceled segments) for tracking purposes.


In case a refund is needed after the amendment, the same procedure should be done as in the case of a cancellation.

It is possible to block a specific class to be changed from the MMB option; you can activate this option by going to Marketing > Classes > Block MM changes:


Update 15/03/2020 - It is now possible to prevent the option of a client making a change to his booking to rebook a lower priority class (cheaper fare) on the MMB feature. To have this limitation activated, please contact and request the activation.

General information

  • The amendment or cancellation options from the website will be done on all PAX in a PNR; split booking is not possible. Customers are instructed to contact the airline in cases where a split booking is needed, and such cases will be treated in the same way as done today (from the CRS only).
  • The cancellation/amendment fees are added on the MMB feature in the same way as if the action was performed in the CRS and according to the class policies.
  • In case a PAX has a seat reservation on a flight and this flight is amended from the website, the system will automatically change the seat allocation to the new flight with an available seat that has the same price. If a seat at the same price is not available, the system will change it to a seat with the lowest possible price.
  • All new remarks and acknowledgments added to the website are translatable as ‘website words’.
  • Please complete the creation of the new ref templates as described in this article prior to activating the new MMB feature.
  • Bookings created by agencies can only be changed by the relevant web agent; direct customers will not have access to proceed with changes if they booked through an agency.

Watch a webinar conducted on the MMB feature with further information and examples:

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