23/FEB/2020 - Limit bookings per flight's max passengers weight

Dear Customer,

We would like to update you on a new option added to the system that allows you to set a max passenger weight limitation per flight.

When this new option is activated, the CRS will block the option to have additional bookings to a flight that reached its weight limit.

Make sure to mark the "show weight" and "request mandatory weight" options and that the "Use pax weight" option is NOT marked:



Setting a weight limit

Setting the weight limit can be done on a specific flight using the "edit"  Screenshot_at_Feb_23_14-58-01.pngbutton on the flight screen and inserting the total weight (in Kg/lbs according to system settings) here:


You can also update the weight limit to several flights using the flight series action panel:


On the flight screen, we have added a field that shows the total PAX weight already booked on the flight:


If the weight limit is reached, no additional PAX can be added to that flight:


The validation is done in case a booking is amended and the moved PAX can not be added to the new flight due to the weight limit:


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