10/MAR/2020 - Gift cards

Dear Customers, 

We would like to update you on a new feature that will allow you to sell gift cards through your website. 

In order to create a gift card, you will need to go to Marketing > Coupons, once you create one there is a new checkbox to indicate that this coupon will be a gift card, if selected it will open new fields. 


Field Description
Sell start/end Valid period which the gift card will be shown on the website
Gift card amount Selling amount per gift card (according to QTT of coupons field)
Gift card image Image URL to be shown on the website
Notice that the coupon type for gift cards should be 'Unique'

Once the gift card is created, you will need to go to New IBE > Website content in order to publish them for sale on your website.


Code  Description
{{giftcard}} Will show all the available valid gift cards
{{giftcard=COUPONCODE}} Will show the specific gift card according to the 
Notice that for specific pages you can not add multiple Gift cards, you will need to use the code for all the valid gift cards.

This is how it will be shown on the content page: mceclip2.png Once a customer press the option 'Add to cart', it will be possible to continue with the purchasing process: mceclip3.png

In the end, when the gift card is purchased, the customer will receive an email with their unique coupon code(s). In the 'Coupons' report, you are now able to review the information of the gift card also and you can even filter it by type:


No updates are allowed on a Gift card after the creation, you will be able to delete a series or specific coupon but only if they have not been purchased/used


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