24/MAR/2020 - No-show policy action button

Dear Customers,

We would like to update you about the new No-show policy action button which will automatically cancel the flight(s) and services for all PAX marked as "No-Show" and will trigger the cancelation policy of the booked class.

The no-show policy penalty which will be added to the PNR after triggering this action will be according to the 'Cancelation period 1 (hr)' set in the class settings:


It is recommended for airlines that will activate this feature to set a 100% policy including taxes (if relevant), this way the system will automatically ticket the booking after the cancelation of the flight. 

If the PNR is not balanced after the automated process, the system will not ticket the booking back automatically and this will need to be done by a user. 

There are 2 ways which you can work with the No-show policy:

  1. Cancel entire PNR: If the passenger is marked with the no-show status in the first flight, the system will cancel all the future services in the PNR and will add the No-show policy.
  2. Split service: If the passenger is marked with the no-show status in any flight, the system will automatically split that service into a new PNR (same as the regular split option) and will add the No-show policy in the new PNR. 

Below there are some situations to consider when using the No-show policies:

  •  When using option 1,  if a passenger has an RT or multiple flights and the second flight is checked in, the system will split the services as it will not be possible to cancel the full PNR and only the actual no-show flight will be canceled.
  • Past flights or flights with status will not be canceled by the no-show action.
  • The flag 3 (green) indicator Screenshot_at_Mar_24_14-50-56.png will be raised for all PNRs which were affected by the no-show action.
  • Flag 1 (blue) indicator Screenshot_at_Mar_24_10-51-49.png will be raised in PNRs that require refund/additional payment from a user.
  • No-show policy action behavior is similar to cancelations, hence, if the PNR is in void policy, the no-show policy will not be collected. The system automated process in all the PNR will be like if it would be done manually on each PNR.
  • Cancelation, amendment, re-routing and name change fees will not be canceled.
  • Make sure your cancelation policy is set correctly in each class to prevent a situation where passengers can fly a OW leg with an RT price.
    Take into account that the system will split the services even if there are booked as RT and no 're-calculation' of prices will be done.
  • We advise you to communicate these rules to your passengers to avoid passengers arriving and their future service has been already canceled in case of using option 1. 

How to trigger the No-Show policy?

After completing the check-in process you will need to mark the flight as 'Closed' and only then the new 'No-Show' action button will appear in the top-right part of the flight screen.


After pressing the button, the system will show the following alert:


Only after pressing 'OK' the system will proceed with the actions on all PNRs that has a PAX marked as a no-show.



Notice that this process is run every minute in the system and can process up to 5 PNRs at once, so the full process could take a few minutes to be completed in case of many No-Show PAX on one flight.

We have also added new user permission to allow the usage of the new option:


It is possible to monitor all affected PNRs by filtering the CRM>Reservations using the raised flags (1+3) by this process or use the 'No-Show Passengers' report:


Please note that the new No-Show action is activated from our side if you wish to have it activated for your system please contact us at support@aerocrs.com and specify what action option should be activated for your system.
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