Navigating the system




Modules and sub-modules list

Please note that navigation between modules and sub-modules will be facilitated through an organized drop-down list. Clicking on the module name will display all sub-modules, and clicking on a sub-module's name will redirect you to the relevant screen:


Favorites list of screens per user

Every user in the system will have the option to create a list of their own favorite and most frequently used screens for faster and easier access, providing a much more user-friendly navigation experience.

In every sub-module, we have added the new "Add to favorites" button: Add to favorites.

Clicking it will add the screen you are currently viewing to the favorites list:


The rightmost sub-module will be the one currently in use, and to the left, we will have the list of all the screens marked as favorites by the user. Up to 10 different screens can be added as favorites.

Notice that removing a screen from the favorites list is possible by clicking the Remove from favorites button.

The favorites list is individual per user and will not affect other users in the system.

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