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In this article, we will explain how to use the new feature added to the website - the option to set "Hold My Booking" (HMB) with a fee for website bookings per specific origin-destination.

The new feature is added as a new sub-module "Hold My Booking" under the "New IBE" module.



Active Mark to have this record valid for use.
Show to agents Mark to have this record valid for webagents' bookings.
Initiate by payment Mark to request payment immediately during the booking, if not marked the system will add the booking service to be paid later
Departure airport Select the origin-destination, the HMB with fee will be shown for all flights departing from this destination.
Selling class Select a specific class for the HMB with fee, not mandatory.
Hours before flight The HMB with fee option will be available for bookings done more than X hours before the flight entered in this field. (i.e. if we set it to 24H, the HMB with fee will be shown only for booking done more than 24H prior to the departure of the flight).
Hours to hold The PTL that will be used for a booking done using the HMB option - the time in hours granted for completing the payment before the booking will be canceled.
Fee The amount charged for holding the booking.


IMPORTANT: Notice that if for a specific destination a record is created without a selection of a class, the HMB with fee will be available for all classes set for all flights departing from this destination. Additionally, it is not possible to have another record set for this destination with a specific class.

HMB booking process

Once the HMB with fee record is set, the HMB option will be shown on the payment page stating the fee collected and the PTL:


The instructions text on the HMB option can be added using the "Hold Booking" clip:


The specific text of the HMB with fee option can be customized and translated from the "Website Words" sub-module:


Once the client/agent selects the HMB with fee option and proceeds for payment, he will be charged only with the HMB fee (not the amount of the booked services). This fee will be added to the PNR as a booking fee service, and the PNR will be created with the new "HB" status:


The client\agent will receive the designated template of the HMB process to the email address entered, read more about this option here.

It will be possible to complete the payment either from the website or from the CRS.

If the booking is not fully paid until the end of the granted PTL, the system will automatically cancel the services (but the booking fee) and ticket the PNR, invoicing the HMB fee charges only.

For any questions or further information regarding this new feature, please contact us at support@aerocrs.com
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