Dynamic forms

In this article, we will show you how to add dynamic forms to the website.

For this new feature, 2 new sub-modules are added to the 'New IBE' module: 'Forms' and 'Form fields'.

First, you will need to create the dynamic form name under the 'Forms' sub-module:


Field Description
Form Name name the form - this will also be the form title on the website.
Form Email Enter the email address that this form will be sent to upon submission.
Form Tag Name Generated automatically after the form is saved. use this tag on the website content to display the dynamic form on a website page.


After the form is created, you will need to set the form's fields on the 'Form Fields' sub-module:


Field Description
Active mark for active field
Mandatory mark for a mandatory field
Field Name Name the field - it will be shown as field title on the website.
Field Form Choose a form from the list
Field place holder Use for displaying default text on a field, for type "Dropdown" use this to insert the dropdown selection options (i.e. Male, Female, Other)
Field type

Choose a data type for a field (data validation will be done per type)


Choose the position of the field. Number one (1) will be the first field to be shown.


Once the form is set, use the 'Form tag name' and incorporate it on the relevant web content record:


The dynamic form will be displayed on that web page:


We recommend adding a clip called 'Dynamic form' which will be shown after the form is sent successfully. 


If you have additional questions about these new features, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@aerocrs.com 
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