13/MAY/2020 - Location services for the IBE

Dear Customers,

We would like to update you about a new feature developed for the IBE - Location services.

This new feature will allow usage of the location information gathered by the user's browser when they visit the airline website.
The website will use this data to automatically select the nearest airport to the user actual location as the FROM destination (Up to a 400Km distance only).

In order to activate the new option, you will need to first update the Lat. / Long. coordinates on all relevant destination records in your system:


We recommend using Google maps to locate the airport's coordinates:


After all the destinations were updated, you will need to activate this option on your website settings screen:


Once all the settings are done correctly, the user will receive a notification when accessing your website asking to enable location services:


Once the permission is granted by the user, the closest destination will be automatically selected as the FROM destination on the booking engine:


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