14/MAY/2020 - Show different PSP terminals per booked flights on the IBE

Dear Customers,

We would like to update you about a new feature deployed to the system that will allow you to differentiate which PSP terminal will be displayed to your customers on the IBE depending on the flights they booked on the website.

The differentiation will be done using the flights' Income code, you will need to set proper codes to all relevant flights.

Use this option to update income codes for existing flight series:


Or, update the income code for a new flight series:


Once all the flights are set correctly you will need to update us at support@aerocrs.com with the list of codes you wish to assign to which PSP terminal.

If you do not assign any code to a PSP terminal - this terminal will be displayed for ALL flights and services booked on the website.
If one or more income codes are assigned to a PSP terminal - this terminal will be displayed ONLY when a flight or any related service (Ancillary, seat, penalties, etc.) with such a code will be booked from the website.

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