System Set Up - The Basics

Welcome to the system set up tutorials!

In this series of videos, we will take you step-by-step and show how to set up and load your inventory to the system so you can display your routes and start making reservations!

Notice: These tutorials show an example of a very basic inventory set up, for more advanced set-ups instructions ( i.e. multileg segments, fare branding, serial nesting, advanced revenue management options, etc.) - please contact to schedule a training.

A correct system setting is a 5 step process in which we will set up the following:

  1. Destinations - set up all the stations you are operating in.
  2. Service Loads - Set up all configurations of your equipment (Aircraft / Train / Ferry / Bus / etc.).
  3. Classes - Set up a list of your selling classes.
  4. Fares - Set up pricing structure and fares for all your routes and classes.
  5. Flight / Route Series - set up your service schedule, load your flights/routes according to your schedule.

Completing the 5 steps process correctly will result in having your inventory displayed and ready to be booked on the CRS, IBE, and the connected distribution channels.




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