Email/SMS dynamic parameters

In this article, you will find all the available parameters you can use to create your email/SMS templates or to be used for sending SMS and emails from the flight screen.

Parameter Explanation
{PNRREF} PNR reference
{PTLGMT} Payment time limit in GMT
{TTLGMT} Ticketing time limit in GMT
{CUSTNAME} Customer name
{AGTNAME}  Agency name
{PAXNAME} Passenger name (valid only if sent to the passenger)
{PNRLINK}  Website link to booking
{AMOUNTDUE} Total amount due in the booking
{PTLLOCAL} Payment time limit in company local time
{FLIGHTNUMBER} Flight number
{DEPARTURETIME} Will show departure time as: "HH:MM"
{DEPARTUREDATE} Date of departing. Example: "10/10/2019"
{DEPARTUREDATE2} Date of departing. Example: "10 OCT 2019"
{LANDINGTIME} Will show landing time as: "HH:MM"
{LANDINGDATE} Date of landing. Example: "10/10/2019"
{LANDINGDATE2} Date of landing. Example: "10 OCT 2019"
{FROM} Service from destination
{TO} Service to destination

The following variables are applicable only for Crew templates:

Parameter Explanation
{CREWNAME} Crew name
{FLIGHDATE} Flight date
{FLIGHTDATA} Type of the flight (From-to, From-via-to, multileg)
{DSTS} Flight destinations

 The following variables are applicable only for FF templates:

Parameter Explanation
{memberfirstname} First name of FF member
{memberlastname} Last name of FF member
{memebercounter} Member points/miles count
{ffnumber} Frequent flyer number
{lastspent} Last amount of points that were spent
{lastearned} Last amount of points that were earned


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