SMS dynamic parameters

In this article, you will find all the available parameters you could use to create your SMS templates or to be used on the SMS sending.

Parameter Explanation
{PNRREF} PNR reference
{PTLGMT} Payment time limit in GMT
{TTLGMT} Ticketing time limit in GMT
{CUSTNAME} Customer name
{AGTNAME}  Agency name
{PAXNAME} Passenger name (valid only if sent to the passenger)
{PNRLINK}  Website link to booking
{AMOUNTDUE} Total amount due in the booking
{PTLLOCAL} Payment time limit in company local time
{FLIGHTNUMBER} Flight number
{DEPARTURETIME} Will show departure time as: "HH:MM"
{DEPARTUREDATE} Date of departing. Example: "10/10/2019"
{DEPARTUREDATE2} Date of departing. Example: "10 OCT 2019"
{LANDINGTIME} Will show landing time as: "HH:MM"
{LANDINGDATE} Date of landing. Example: "10/10/2019"
{LANDINGDATE2} Date of landing. Example: "10 OCT 2019"
{FROM} Service from destination
{TO} Service to destination

The following variables are applicable only for Crew templates:

Parameter Explanation
{CREWNAME} Crew name
{FLIGHDATE} Flight date
{FLIGHTDATA} Type of the flight (From-to, From-via-to, multileg)
{DSTS} Flight destinations

 The following variables are applicable only for FF templates:

Parameter Explanation
{memberfirstname} First name of FF member
{memberlastname} Last name of FF member
{memebercounter} Member points/miles count
{ffnumber} Frequent flyer number
{lastspent} Last amount of points that were spent
{lastearned} Last amount of points that were earned


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