Affilate Marketplace

Dear Customers,

We would like to update you on a new feature that will enable you to offer various extra services directly from your IBE (Internet Booking Engine).

We have partnered with a variety of service providers around the world, such as insurance providers, hotels, local guides, car rentals, and more. This partnership will make it easier for you to sell these services on your IBE and increase your revenue with just a click of a button.

New Revenue Stream

The Affiliate Marketplace will allow you to offer different services with no investment and earn commissions from sales.

Increased Offering

Offer your customers different options to make their trip as easy as possible, with no hassles, as every service will be booked from your airline website.


You can opt-in to any services you want to activate and sell on your IBE at any time that you wish.

You can request the activation of different services by going to IBE > Affiliate Marketplace on your system and using the 'Request' button:


This will send an automated message to our team to start the integration process, and we will contact you.

Go and check out all our new partners and see which ones can be beneficial for your passengers.


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