30/SEP/2020 - Branded communication / SendGrid templates

Dear customers,

We would like to update you on a new feature that will allow you to have a customized design for your Ref Templates on the system. 

In order to activate this option you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Open a SendGrid account and configure your email address from where the system will send the emails to the passengers. This will allow you from now on to have your own address for email notifications instead of the current system+0@aerocrs.com .
    You can check further information about the account opening in the following link: https://sendgrid.com/pricing/ 
    Notice that if you will use this feature for marketing purposes, it is recommended to take PRO Email Plan, so you will receive a static IP. When using a lower plan, emails might be sent from random IPs which might be blocked sometimes for different email service providers.

  2. Once your account is opened you should "Verify a single sender" to configure the email address from which you want the emails to be sent from:

    IMPORTANT: This address should be provided to AeroCRS support in order to configure it on the system.
  3. You will need to create the relevant templates going to Email API > Dynamic templates > Create a Dynamic Template:

    When creating your customized templates, use the list of optional dynamic tags (see below) to include PNR related dynamic data in your template output.
    The templates should be built using HTML coding by a web designer, AeroCRS offers airlines the services of our in-house web designer for creating the SendGrid templates, for additional information about the service and costs, please send a request to support@aerocrs.com.
    You will need to create a Default templated called "AeroCRS Dynamic template" and add the following code:


  4. Once the template is created, you will need to copy the template ID and provide it to AeroCRS for its configuration:


  5. You will need to to provide us the default email from which you wan to send the emails and the API key so we can configure it on your system.
    You can get the API Key going to Settings > API Keys > Create API Key:


    You should select the full access option:



    You will need to copy the keys created to provide them to us, it is not possible to visualize them later again.

  6. In the CRS, you will need to go to Administrations > SendGrid templates and create a new record with the preferred name and insert the copied SendGrid template ID:


  7. You will need to go to Administrations > Ref Templates and select the relevant Sendgrid template to be shown:


Once the templates are configured, you will visualize the 'Booking confirmation' directly while using the printing option on the system or sending it via email. 


Event Webhook

Additionally, it is also recommended to activate that Event Webhook option, this will provide the option to check in the PNR log is an email was Sent, Opened, etc.

In your Sendgrid account you should go to Settings > Mail Settings > Event Webhook:


Once you click on this option, on the right side will open the configuration and you should set the following HTTP Post URL:


You can select the relevant event to be posted or that you want to track and enable it:


Dynamic Parameters:

You can download the available dynamic parameters files HERE

You can download the available template example HERE

If you use this template, you will need to update links, images, colors, etc according to your specific needs and requirements. 

Notice that the usage of parameters to convert it to HTML you can use {{{parametervalue}}} instead of the regular {{parametervalue}}.

An example, in the fare notifications you can format it to HTML so you will need to use the 3 brackets.

If you have any further questions regarding this new development, please submit a support ticket directly or contact us at support@aerocrs.com 
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