25/OCT/2020 - Auto refund to deposit option for MMB feature

Dear Customers,

We would like to update you regarding a new option added to the MMB (Manage My Booking) feature on our IBE.

This new feature will allow an airline to activate an option and automatically refund any additional funds left in a PNR after making any MMB cancellation or amendment directly to a deposit account.

Activating this option will completely automate the MMB processes and will not require the airline's team manual intervention to balance the MMB PNRs.

The refund will be transferred automatically to the customer's/agency's deposit account upon completion of the MMB process.

If they do not have an account in this relevant currency, a new one will be created for them.
If the Customer/Agency already has an account in the relevant currency, the funds will be added to that same account.

Important: The deposit refund currency will always be according to the currency used when the original payment was done.
If a PNR was booked by an agency, only a logged-in web agents of that same agency will be able to make MMB changes and get the refund to the agency's deposit account.
Activating this new option is available only for companies using the MMB feature.
In order to activate this option or if you have any further questions regarding this new development, please submit a support ticket directly or contact us at support@aerocrs.com 
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