24/NOV/2020 - Deposit top-up option for customers on CRS and IBE

Dear Customers,

We would like to update you regarding a new option added on the CRS and IBE to allow customers to purchase deposit account top-ups.

We have recently added new options regarding customer's deposit usage (Auto Refund to deposit on MMB / Deposit payment for customers on IBE) and with this new improvement, you can also start selling deposit top-ups to your customers on the CRS or IBE so they can utilize it in their future reservations.


CRS Top-Up option

We have added a new button to the customer details page on the system (CRM > Customers) for making deposit top-ups directly to the customer's account:


Click the "Add deposit" button and insert the payment option, currency, and amount, click save to update the deposit balance:


The amount paid will be added to the deposit balance of the customer and a relevant record is added on the deposits screen (Accounting > Deposits):


The deposit funds will be available for that customer on future bookings done on the CRS or IBE (after the customer logs in with the same email address).

This new action in the CRS is allowed by this new user permission, only users that have this option marked will be able to update the deposit balance for customers:


It is also possible to make refund actions to the customer's deposit account by inserting the payment value on the customer profile in minus (i.e. the customer requests to get $50 back from his deposit account in cash, you can click the add deposit button and enter a payment in cash valued at -$50).

IBE top-up setting

The creation of the Top-Up items that will be sold on your IBE should be done on the coupons system in the CRS, go to 'Marketing > Coupons' and create a new Deposit Top-Up record:



Active Top-Up item status
Sell Start Start date of the available period of time for IBE sales
Sell End End date of the available period of time for IBE sales
Top-Up Cost Amount paid by the customer to purchase this top-up option (In default currency)
Top-Up Image Enter storage file URL that will be displayed on the Deposit IBE page for this item
Top-Up amount given The amount credited to the customer deposit account after purchasing this top-up option (In default currency)
Top-Up Code The item's unique code (internal use only)
Notification remark The text entered here will be displayed on the IBE page and on system printouts
Internal remark Internal remark text for CRS users only (not displayed to customers)


Once the deposit top-up items were created, you will also need to create the IBE content page where these items will be presented and sold to your customers.

Create a new IBE content record (IBE > Website content) and include the following tag to display your deposit top-up items:



Please visit our test website to review the deposit top-up sales page example.

IBE Top-Up Purchase process

On the deposit Top-Up page, the customer can select the top-up option and add it to the cart:


Multiple items can be added to the cart to increase the deposit top-up amount.

In order to proceed to the payment page, a login is required, if the customer didn't log-in before proceeding to the payment screen, this notification message will be presented and than a login page will be shown:



After a successful login/sign-up, the customer will pay for the top-up using the available payment options on your IBE.

Once the payment is confirmed, a PNR is created in the system with the payment receipt and the deposit balance of the customer is also updated accordingly:


On the Deposits screen (Accounting > Deposits), a relevant record is created with the "Website Top-Up" remark:


The customer can review the updated deposit balance on the account profile page:


Note: All new website titles and text on the deposit top-up purchase flow were added as new Website Words and can be translated and customized.
If you have any questions or require additional assistance please submit a support ticket directly or contact us at support@aerocrs.com 





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