03/DEC/2020 - Volumetric weight calculations for the cargo suit

Dear Customers,

We would like to update you regarding a new improvement done to the cargo solution allowing to do a volumetric calculation to set the weight of the cargo parcels.

Under the 'Cargo type' setting (Cargo > Cargo types), we have added the following options:


Volumetric Divisor: Enter the volumetric divisor value 

Vol. Calculation mandatory: Mark to prevent manual insert of weight so only vol. weight calculations will be allowed for this cargo type.

On the cargo booking screen, we have added the below new fields:


When the volumetric calculation option is marked, the system will calculate the package weight according to the values entered for the parcel's width, height, and depth (Notice: all values should be entered in cm).

Please note that for different parcels, you can use the same booking page only if the parcels' dimensions are identical, the system will calculate the price according to the set pricing type and the entered NOP.

The new values (width, height, depth, vol. weight, and divisor) were added as dynamic tags that can be incorporated in the eAWB HTML design, check the full list of available tags here

If you have any questions or require additional assistance please submit a support ticket directly or contact us at support@aerocrs.com 


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