Class templates sub-module

In this article, we will explain how to use the class templates submodule.

With this operational feature, you will be able to create predetermined class templates for flight allotment updates.


In order to create a class template, first, make sure to mark the new record as active. Then, enter a name for the template. This is an internal name used to recognize the template in the system and to use it.

Use the Add.png button to add the required number of rows, select the class, leg type, and enter the default quantity you would like to allocate per class with this template, if that class should be a "Hard sale" class, mark the required checkbox as well (Not sure what the hard-sale option is? check this article for further information).

Once all the information is updated, click 'Save' to create the template.

See an example for a template below:


Once the template is created, you will be able to use it for updating the allotments on the flight series action panel or for individual flights from the flight screen.

Flight series updates

Use the new "Add class template" option on the flight series action panel to update the class allotment for several flights in a bulk update:


Use the option "Set as default for this flight series" to have this class template the default allotment for the series.

Flight screen updates

A new button was added to the flight screen, use it to update the flight's allotment using one of the pre-created templates:


Click the 'Take action' button to update the allotment.

  • If the class added from a template is already set on a flight, the quantity of the template will be updated.
  • If a class is present on a flight but not present on the added template, the quantity for this class will be leveled down (quantity = booked / free seats = 0).
  • If a class allotment is updated for a template with a lower number of seats than the already booked seats on that flight, the quantity for this class will be leveled down (quantity = booked / free seats = 0).
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