31/JAN/2021 - Fare revenue management options

Dear Customers, 

We would like to update you about a few new options added to your fares configuration which will allow more flexibility and dynamic settings for the optimization of your availability and pricing. 

Yield Management

Using the new yield management options you will now be able to set dynamic fares that will be available according to the load factor of the booked flight.

Load factor can be calculated using 2 options, according to the cabin capacity or the specific class capacity.
If the "Cabin" option is selected, the system will take all booked seats on the same cabin (i.e. Economy cabin) and divide it by the number of total seats available on that cabin. For the "Class" option, the calculation will be similar but only the seats booked on that class and the seat allotment of that class will be taken into account.

We have added the following 3 fields:

Yield Type: Select the way load factor will be calculated, according to the cabin of the aircraft or the specific class. 

Yield show: Set the minimum load factor for which this fare will be shown (in percentage)

Yield expire: Set the maximum load factor for which this fare will expire/disappear (in percentage)


Note that using different show and expiry settings between different fare records should always be done for the same selected class, use the same logic as the "regular" show/expiry options for hours prior to departure.

When a fare will be expired, it will not appear on the AVL screen (same as the previous expire option)
Yield percentage is inclusive - when yield expires is set to 50%, if there are 8 seats in the class and 4 have been booked, the class will still be shown, it will only expire when the class gets to 51% or more.
For classes that are not marked as 'use only OW fares', the system will still do the checks of load factor independently per flight.

Selling days:

You can now select the specific days on which the fare will be available.

Note: The weekdays are reflective of the flight's departure weekday.

For example, you can create a record of fares for class Y for the weekdays and another separate record with different prices for the weekends. 


Notice that the Mass upload and Mass update files have been updated


If you have any questions or require additional assistance please submit a support ticket directly or contact us at support@aerocrs.com 
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