PNL/ADL setup


GO7 supports PNL/ADL in compliance with IATA standards and may be sent via email addresses or SITA (this will incur extra charges).

The PNL/ADL configuration can be done under Operations Administrations > Destinations using the following fields.


PNL Timing How many hours before the flight should the system send the PNL
ADL Timing ADL interval timing (hours)‚ how many hours before the flight the system should send the ADL. Any updates will be sent accordingly (CHG, DEL, ADD)
ADL continuous Marking this option will send the ADL continuously after the first ADL period
E-mail/s E-mail/s which the PNL will be sent to‚ multiple e-mails should be separated by comma.
SITA address/es PNL/ADL SITA address multiple addresses should be separated by comma (Extra charges to be applied)

PNL/ADL messages previously sent can be viewed from the PNL management screen:

The PNL/ADL management screen contains several sections:


Queued messages list [1]

  • All queued messages will appear here. Once the message is sent, it is marked as "Sent".
  • Message type - is either PNL (Pax name list) or ADL (Pax additions/deletions list).
  • Re-queue message - clicking will cause the clicked message to be sent again.
  • Address - either e-mail or SITA address, according to destination setting.

Message content [2]

  • Clicking on a specific message in the messages list will display the message content here.

PNL/ADL action buttons [3]

  • Buttons description from left to right:
  •  Show current PNL - show the current state PNL in a new window, inclusive of all additions. It acts as a display button only and will not re-queue PNL..
  •  Re-queue PNL - sends a brand new PNL to the PNL address defined in destination setting, inclusive of all additions.
  • Send additional ADL - resend ADL message. To be used when flight changes were made after the ADL message was sent and you wish to compile a new one with the latest changes.


Current list of cases that will trigger ADL events:

  • updating pax details (CHG element)
  • new ticketed PNR (ADD element)
  • canceled PNR ticket (DEL element)
  • completing online check-in (CHG element along with .R/ACKI element attached to pax)

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