Hold Booking - How to

In this article, we will learn how to enable the Hold booking option on the IBE.

The Hold Booking option allows the customer to postpone the payment of the ticket according to the time allowance you set.

Once the payment period is passed without payment, the PNR will be canceled due to PTL (payment time limit).

In order to allow the Hold My Booking option, you will need to do the following things:

1) Activate Web PTL for customers on your website by going to:

Administrations > Users > Company settings > Set 'Web PTL for customers' accordingly:

  • Web PTL for customers - Set the maximum Payment Time Limit (in hours) that the customer can postpone the payment after which the PNR will be canceled.

    2. You can create a message for this payment under IBE > Website Clips > Hold booking:


    3. The 'Hold booking' option will be shown on the website like in the screenshot below:


    Usually, you can put here the information and instruction for the bank transfer or the relevant payment method and how to confirm the booking with the airline.

    4. You can create a specific template that will be sent to customers who select 'Hold booking' by              going to 'Administrations> Ref Templates> Ticket terms:












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