Code Share setup

Dear customers,

GO7 allows you to code share between airlines using GO7 PSS.

To define the basics:

  • Marketing airline - The airline doing the booking
  • Operating carrier - The airline which is booked on

To setup we will need cooperation from both airlines.

The operating carrier should setup:

  1. An agency with sufficient credit limit - as any of the bookings coming from the marketing airline would go on this agency, the agency must have sufficient credit limit in order to book flights.
  2. Enable LDS settings - Follow the guideline on how to setup LDS entity, the LDS entity name is the name of the airline, see here for more details.

The marketing carrier should setup:

  1. Code Share records
    Under "Distribution" there is a module called "Code share", select the equivalent classes combinations and destination combinations.


Once this setup is complete, the marketing airline should be able to see the operating carrier flights.


Important operational information

  • Bookings on the marketing carrier would be charged in Rack fare
  • Bookings on the operating carrier would appear as charged in Net fares if commission applied on the agency of the marketing airline.
  • If a booking is amended or ticket cancelled on the operating carrier, it will not reflect on the marketing carrier.
  • Once the marketing carrier issues a ticket, ticket must be cancelled on the operating carrier manually due to cancellation charges.
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