API Quickstart guide

Dear Developer,

Thank you for choosing to implement GO7 PSS API.

The API documentation is place in the following link: https://docs.aerocrs.com/v4.0/reference

In the e-mail you got from us after the contract signing, you will see the following details:

API connector - A URL which you will use to send your XML requests according to the methods.
API entity name - This is the name your API entity shows to the airlines on their side.
Token - Unique token provided per implementation.
Password - Unique password.

The API is open only for test companies during the basic configuration and testing from your side, once you want to go to production mode, please open a ticket in our support system (support@aerocrs.com) and we will move your API account to live mode.

A few notes about using the API implementation:

  • It is not allowed to "load test" the API, any significant loads will result it immediate suspension of your account.
  • You are responsible to count your API calls in order to make sure you are within the allowed monthly limits.
  • Support is given at support@aerocrs.com, please state your API entity name when calling support, the support is only for "operational" issues and no code support is given.
  • GO7 PSS is not responsible for the data provided by the airlines, and if there are any booking queries, you must direct them to the airline reservation team and not GO7.


Once you are ready to go live, depending on your implementation type, you might need the airlines to enable your account to make bookings, in order to guide the airlines, you can send them the following document from our support system: https://aerocrs.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204893439-Activating-LDS-API-client and add your "API entity name".

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