System Overview

In this article, you will learn about the structure of GO7 PSS and its basic features.

The basics of GO7 PSS include options that help you navigate the system more effectively and present data clearly.

We'll review:

Search Engine

Using the search engine can help you save time retrieving the relevant information you want from GO7 PSS.

We have created a list of commands that save time on pulling information from the system, such as: PNRs, Invoices, Availability process, Flights on specific days, Quick flight screen, etc.

To see the list of commands, type "?" (question mark) in the search engine and click 'Search'.


The sorting option helps you display the results in either ascending or descending order.

Each title can be clicked to sort. The blue arrow indicates whether the column is sorted in ascending or descending order.


Each page contains 13 lines of information. That's why we have the option to navigate between pages.

At the bottom, you will see:

  • Left: Page X of YY (Number of pages)
  • Right: 1, 2, 3, Next (Page navigation)


The filter option is one of the most important features GO7 PSS offers. It helps you narrow down the results you see for each sub-module.

Each sub-module has its own filter criteria based on the relevant information within the sub-module.

Learn more about Filters here 

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