Create Hub Flights

In this article you will learn how to create hub (internal) flights on GO7 PSS system.

Hub flights, also called internal flights, are flights which has father destination (Destination that has few landing strips in it). 
In order to create hub flights, go to Operation module -> Flight series 2

Click on Add new button

In the popup screen, fill the details about the new flight series.


  • Set active button
  • Show on web: If you want the flight to be visible on website
  • Show to agents: If you want the flight to be visible to agents
  • FLT#: Write the flight number
  • S/L: Write the service load for the flight. (Total seats available for the flight)
  • Start date and end date for the series.
  • Flight type: Select From-To
  • Select the from-to destinations, which one of them must be father destination.
  • Set the weekdays the flight is operating
  • Set the classes available for the flight. In leg type choose internal.
  • Select rules from drop-down menu. (Don't know how to create rules? Learn more.)
  • Select overlapping flight if applicable. (Not sure about overlapping flights? Learn more.)


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