In this article we will explain the difference between PTL and TTL

  • PTL - Payment time limit
  • TTL - Ticketing time limit

The payment time limit is measured in hours from the moment of booking onward. The ticketing time limit can be set to act similarly to the PTL, or it can be set to be measured from the flight date backward.

If a booking breaches any of the above time limits, it will be canceled by our automated services, which run every 30 minutes.
  1. PTL - Payment time limit
    1. The PTL for the entire company is set in the company settings section:
    2. You can set individual PTL settings per agency, in the "Agency" sub-module
    3. It is also possible to set specific PTL and PTL in TTL per class, read more here
    4. The system will cancel bookings that have passed the PTL and are in PN status, while there is no payment or voucher in them as a form of payment. Please note that changing the status of the PNR to pending (PN) will allow the system to cancel the PNR due to PTL, even if there is a form of payment inserted into that PNR.
    5. You can also set a PTL in TTL in the above screens. This setting is for cases when the booking is made within the TTL, meaning the ticketing time limit has already passed, and the booking needs to be ticketed immediately, but you still want to give the user time to pay.
    6. If you give a  specific user permission to set the PTL (done in the "Users" sub-module), the user will be able to change the PTL for a booking up to the flight date.
  2. TTL - Ticketing time limit 
    1. OK (with voucher or payment)
    2. PN
    1. The TTL setting is per class, you can set the TTL in the "Classes" sub-module
    2. You can set specific agency TTL settings in the "TTL sub-module" under agencies, where you are able to add a record which will override the class settings.
    3. TTL for groups in the class settings, is in case the booking is marked as a group booking in the PNR screen, then the system will apply the TTL time limits for groups.
    4. The system will cancel bookings which have passed the TTL and the status of the booking can be either one of the below, according to your company settings:
    5. If you give a specific user permission to set the TTL (done in the "Users" sub-module), the user will be able to change the TTL for a booking up to the flight date.

PTL is activated for all airlines once the Payment Time Limit differs from the booking time. This occurs either if you set the PTL to be above zero in the company settings or if you set a PTL manually in a PNR. TTL needs to be activated on an airline basis, where you can set three options:

  1. Cancel TTL when booking is in PN or OK
  2. Cancel TTL when booking is in PN
  3. Cancel TTL when booking is in OK

    The system will not cancel bookings with actual payment in them (Deposit / Cash, etc.).
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    Corrie Munro

    Good Afternoon Team,

    I need to get back to you on the TTL settings -
    I received instructions that all Ticketing (CRS Agents) and Payment settings should be done 2 hours after the PNR was created. After 2 hours the system should cxd the booking.

    Please can you assist with how to update the System to manage this.

    Current setting for all classes - which is incorrect and not as per the above:
    booking time limit: 209496
    TTL: 120 (From booking date)

    How do I apply/update that all should be 2 hours after PNR was created?

    Thank you

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