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In this article, you will learn how to make a charter booking.

Taking a charter booking is very similar to creating a scheduled booking with GO7 PSS. We have simplified the process to be simple and easy to use.

To make the charter booking quick and easy, remember always to follow the purple button 

Step 1

To start a new charter booking, type "new PNR" in the search engine and click 'Search.'

In the Charter pop-up, fill in all the new charter booking information:

In the 'New PNR' pop-up, enter the PNR name and select an Agent/Direct customer.

Follow the green button and click 'Save.'

In the PNR screen, click the 'Charter' purple button.

In the Charter pop-up, fill in all the new charter booking information:

In the Charter pop-up, fill in all the new charter booking information:

Start and End date and time

  • A/C: Select the aircraft to operate the charter
  • PIC: Select the pilot in command available for the A/C
  • SIC: Select the secondary in command available for the A/C
  • FA1 and FA2: Allocate flight attendants for the charter flight.

In the second part of the pop-up, fill in the charter flight details:

Select the type of routing:

  • Free routing: Manually write the charter details with hours and miles.
  • Point-to-point: Select from the destinations list, and GO7 PSS will calculate the distance and hours automatically based on the LAT/Long and A/C block speed.
  • Saved routes: Choose from pre-defined routes created in the Operation Administrations module -> 'Saved Routes' sub-module.
  • Pricing: Choose the type of price calculation - Per hour or per mile. (The system picks the price according to the aircraft charter rates in the Marketing module -> 'Charter Rates' sub-module.)
  • Add-ons: Select additional charges from the list. (The list is sourced from the Administrations module -> Services Types sub-module.)

The third part of the pop-up contains details about passengers and the booking process:

  • Flight number: Enter the flight number
  • Adults/Children: Specify the total number of adults and children
  • Status: Select if the flight is confirmed or a request (Just for quotes)
  • Additional information: Free text relevant to the charter booking

Click on the 'Save' button.

Step 2 - Customer information

If you are doing agent booking, please skip to step 3

Click on the purple button 'Customer.'

In the customer popup screen, you search for the customer in the database:
Note: If the customer does not exist, the system redirects you to add a new customer.

Step 3 - Passenger names

Click on the purple passenger button to write the passengers' names.

In the passenger's name's popup, fill the passenger's information according to the system settings and click the purple 'Save' button.
NOTE: Each column with a red star is a mandatory column.

Step 4 - Payment

To issue a payment click on the purple 'Payment' button

In the popup screen, select the type of payment for this booking (Not sure what the payment options are? Learn more)

Step 5 - Issue the ticket

Click the purple 'Ticket' button to issue the ticket and finalize the booking.

When you issue a booking, the system also automatically generates an invoice.
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