25/FEB/2016 - New Customizable Personal Tickets

Dear customers,

Due to a request of several customers, we've changed the way for printing the individual tickets.

From now on it will be as a Ref.template and you will be able to add/remove information and change the language (more information about ref. templates usage can be found here).

We have added a default individual ticket template to all clients, and it looks the same as the previous one.

There is a new option in the Edit template window that you can define if it's a personal tickets template:

Typical template includes Company details and logo, Ticket terms, Check-in time, Baggage and Services without pricing (note, that the price is irrelevant to the ticket itself, so the feature of including services with pricing is not supported).

The printing itself may now be made both the old way, from the Print personal tickets button, and the new way - from the Print Booking Details button (by choosing the Individual tickets template): 

In both cases you will get the standard ref. template print window, where you can choose the language or add some free text, that will be printed on each ticket.


There's also an option to send individual tickets by email as a .pdf file: 

Please note, that in case of sending PDFs by email, if you have more than one individual tickets template, the system will choose the last one that was added.

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