Create ancillary items and services

In this article, you will learn how to create an ancillary service in the system and later add it as a service in a PNR.

For your convenience, we've added an interactive video at the bottom of this page that covers the steps in this article. This video is offered to you as an additional way to learn how to accomplish the steps written below.

Ancillary services are additional items or products that the airline can provide to customers, such as excess baggage, sports equipment, meals, etc.

Ancillaries will always be attached to a specific flight and a specific passenger, and we can adjust various limits on the type of ancillary.

To create a new ancillary item in the system, we'll first go to the "Ancillary Services" screen under the "Marketing" module.

The next step is to create the ancillary item by clicking "New":



Connection ancillary
: Mark this option to set the ancillary as available only for connection flights. Read more about this option here.
Assign the ancillary service to a group. Read more about groups here
: This will appear in the PNR, system printouts, and IBE.
Description: This will appear in the ancillary description for web bookings.
Service dates: Flight dates applicable to this ancillary.
Show: The number of hours before the flight the service will be displayed.
Expiry: The number of hours before the flight the service will no longer be displayed.
Quantity: Limit the quantity per flight or use 0 for unlimited.
From-To & Class: Leave empty for no restrictions.
Image: Upload an image through "Website"->"Storage" to appear in web bookings.
PNL SSR Code: If added, these ancillaries will be sent in PNL as SSRs.
IBE icon: Select the icon to be shown on the Extras page on the website from the options listed here
Exclude flight
: Add the flight number for flights for which the ancillary should not be available. You can add as many as required, separated by commas.

Click on save, the window will refresh in order to proceed and create the ancillary items:




  • Item Name: Will appear in the ancillary item selection.
  • PNL Free Text: Custom text that will appear on the PNL.
  • QTY Factor: Set the quantity that will be reduced if this item is purchased. (Example: Item Name = '2 KG Excess baggage' and QTY Factor = 2)
  • Selling Options: Set the selling options as per the examples below:
  1. Before Ticketing: Item can be purchased only before ticketing (in the booking process)
  2. After Ticketing: Item can be purchased only after ticketing (after the booking process).
  3. Before and After Ticketing: Item can be purchased both before and after ticketing.
The ancillary items can be purchased multiple times via the CRS system (according to the QTY setup), which is not the same as website bookings, which will restrict the purchase to only one ancillary item per ancillary type.

Click here to check how you can add an image or text to a specific item that will be displayed on the boarding pass design.

When done, ancillaries can be added to a PNR which must contain a flight and pax:


Steps for creating ancillary service in the PNR:

  1. Select a pax
  2. Select a flight
  3. Select ancillary type
  4. Select ancillary item
  5. Click on "save"

When done, a new service is created:

Note that you can add multiple ancillary services to a PNR up to the ancillary type qty restriction (if set) for a flight.


Ancillary Report:

If you would like to issue a report that summarizes the ancillary service sales in your system, simply select the "Services" report from within the Reports Center section, and make sure to change the "Service Type" to "Ancillary".


Video Tutorial: 

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