18/JUN/2018 - Added check-in CC validation for DPO payments

Dear valued customers,

We are always working to improve our system, and add new features for your benefit.

Today we introduce a new feature available only for those who are working with DPO PSP. 

It will allow you to verify the credit card with which the payment was made. It will appear on the Check-in screen. This is how it looks:

How to apply on your system:

  • As previously stated, this applies only to payments made using DPO PSP, for all kind of payments: API, Website, CRS.
  • You will need to create a SSR called "OTHS" - Other Services:
  • Don't know how to create new SSR? No problem! See how to create SSR
  • Important notice:
    • The SSR will be set to the first passenger of the PNR.
    • If the PNR has multiple flights, it will be assigned to the first flight only.
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