23/SEP/2019 - Class Branding

Dear Customers,

We would like to update you on a new feature added to the system for creating class brands.

The class branding allows you to build bundles of fares in a single class.
The bundles are created for marketing purposes and can offer different services per class branding according to the setting of the airline.


In order to set up class branding, you will first need to create a list of brands on "Marketing > Branding" Sub-Module.


Creating a Brand:

Branding sub-module

Field Description
Name Brand name. i.e. "Flex"
Priority Will set the class priority to be shown on CRS/Website.
Icons checkboxes Adding relevant icons for the branding of flights.
Will appear on the website only.
(NOTE: this will only be a display setup)
Flexible Amendment See this article for instructions
Flexible Cancellation
See this article for instructions
PNL Text Add text for PNL
Default Mark for a default brand


After creating the brands, you will be able to allocate fares, seat fares, and ancillary services to a brand and market them together as a bundle to your clients.

Fare branding:

On the 'Fare' setup you will be able to allocate that fare to a brand.


After allocating the fares for all brands, this should be the fare setup for a route (per class):


Seat fare branding:

For every seat fare, you will be able to set also a brand and on the IBE, once a customer will select a fare of the "Flex" brand, for example, the system will only show him seat fares branded for "Flex" as well.


Ancillary services branding:

On every ancillary service set in the system, you can add a brand and a group:


Same as for seat fares, a customer booking a seat from a branded fare, will only be displayed with the ancillary services set under that same brand.

In order to create ancillary services for each of the brands, we recommend using the 'Ancillary groups' feature.

This new feature is part of our "Ultimate" service level, if you require further information about opening the feature or upgrading your service level, please contact us at support@aerocrs.com


NOTE: Some of the permissions above might be restricted for your user login, please ask your administrator if you encounter a need for a permission in this screen
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