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This article will explain how to use and set the new coupons.

Managing the coupons is done from 'Marketing > Coupons' sub-module.

Click on 'New' Screenshot_at_Feb_03_09-47-28.png to create new coupon/s.


Follow the below chart to review all setting options for creating new coupon/s:

Active Coupon status
Show to agents Mark to allow usage of this coupon also on agents' bookings
Gift card Mark to sell gift card from the website
Apply on all services Discount will be valid for all the services which meet with the coupon configuration
From Limit the coupon to "cover" only flights From a specific destination (not mandatory), it can be used alone or with the To field for limiting the coupon for a specific route.
To Limit the coupon to "cover" only flights to a specific destination (not mandatory), it can be used alone or with the From field for limiting the coupon for a specific route.
Service start\End The time period of flights valid for this coupon/s
Usage start\end The time period of when it is possible to use this coupon/s
Type of usage Flight - limit the use of the coupon only for flight services.
Ancillary - limit the use of the coupon only for ancillary services.
Any Service - the coupon can be used on any service.
Flight Number Limit the coupon use for specific flight number. You can add multiple flight numbers separated by a comma (,) (Not mandatory)
Type of compensation Net discount - discount from the net fare (Taxes not inclusive).
Rack discount - discount from the total fare (Taxes inclusive).
Specific amount - the coupon will discount a set amount, for this option you can mark "cover all taxes" to have the discount cover taxes as well.
Amount For Net/Rack discount - enter a percentage (0-100)
For Specific amount - enter the discount amount (in default currency).
Max QTY of Passengers Limit the Max number of PAX on the PNR for coupon usage (Not mandatory)
QTY of coupons Number of coupons to create under the same settings
Cost per coupon Add a price per coupon (Not mandatory).
Min booking amount Set a min. PNR pricing to limit the usage of the coupons (Not mandatory). 
Code type Unique - The system will create a unique code per coupon (depending on QTY of coupons set).
Global - All created coupons will have the same global code. 
Coupon code Enter a coupon code, if a unique type is selected for type, the system will use the code and add a unique suffix after the entered code.
i.e. for unique code 'SUMMER' and 2 coupons created, the system will create 2 unique codes, 'SUMMER1111' and 'SUMMER2222'.
Affiliated agency  Add an agency that will be the affiliate for the coupons. (Not mandatory).
Affiliated % If an affiliate agency is selected, enter the affiliate % that will be added to the agency's deposit (Not mandatory).
PTL (min) Payment time limit in minutes when using this coupon
Notification remark The text entered here will be shown to a client when using the coupon on the website.
Internal remark  Internal text regarding the coupon.

Utilizing a coupon in the CRS

  • Utilize a coupon in a PNR by using the discount button and selecting the 'Coupon' option.
  • Enter the coupon code and select the service for which the coupon will be applied.


  • If the coupon settings comply, the discount will be deducted from the PNR.


  • If one or more limitation is obligating the use of specific coupon code on a PNR/service, a relevant error message will be displayed with all the relevant information.
  • We have added a new permission at the user level to allow a user to utilize a coupon on the PNR screen:


  • It is also possible to open coupons from a PNR in order to add it like it was done before with Booking certificates, you need to press on the Coupon button from the PNR screen:


Note: As a default, this permission was granted to all users, if you need to restrict it from several users, please remove the marking of this permission.

Utilizing a coupon on the IBE

  • Enable the option to enter a coupon code on the website's booking process.


  • Customers can enter the coupon code at various stages of booking, and the discounted amount will be reflected on the final payment page.

Entering the code on the homepage:


Entering the code on the booking process:


Entering the code on the payment page:



  • A confirmation modal will be displayed upon successful validation of the coupon code.


  • The discounted amount will also be displayed on the payment page:


Coupons monitoring and actions

From the 'Coupons' sub-module it is possible to monitor coupon usage and edit/delete coupons.


  • Total coupons - Total number of coupons created under this code.
  • Used coupons - Number of coupons used from the total created.
  • Unique code - Used for the Unique coupon type, see the SUMMER code example.
  • Coupon code - the "basic" code given when the coupon is created.

When clicking on an existing record of a coupon, it's possible to delete that coupon or the entire series of coupons:


  • Note that it's not possible to delete a used coupon/series.

In case a series was partially used and you wish to deactivate the remaining coupons, you will be able to update the 'QTY of coupons' on that coupon record to be equal to the number of already used coupons.
Example: for coupon code "PROMO" 1 out of the 5 coupons was already used, if we will update the 'QTY of coupons' to 1, no additional coupons will be valid for use with this code:


  • Utilize special reports to monitor coupon usage and changes made to coupons over time.
    • Coupons


    • Coupons changes log


Website links with coupons:

You can use the following examples to send links to your website with the validation of coupons already applied:


or if you want to send for a specific flight/date combination:


You can check the video of our latest webinar in the following link


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