Classes Re-Routing Policy

In this article, we will explain the option to create a separate set of policies for routing changes on ticketed bookings.


You can create up to 4 different time periods with different penalty fees, similar to the logic used for cancellation and amendment policies (please see this article for additional information about the periods' settings). Select the fee type to determine how the penalty will be calculated (fixed fee per passenger or percent per service).

If a re-routing policy is set and valid for a ticket, the system will alert the user during the amendment process of the penalties that will be incurred in case of a "regular" amendment (date, time, or passenger-related changes) or a re-routing change.


The penalty amount can also be assessed before making a change using the assessment tool in the PNR screen.


The re-routing penalty fee will be collected only in cases where the amendment includes a routing change, and a valid re-routing policy is set for the booked class.

If the amendment only includes changes in time, date, or passenger number, the "regular" amendment fee penalty will be collected.

If the class setup does not have a valid re-route policy set up but has a valid amendment policy, all changes made on a ticket will be considered amendments, and the "regular" amendment penalty fee will be collected.

User permissions

We have added a new user and CRS agent's permission for blocking the re-route option:



Please note:

  • If a user/CRS agent is blocked from making an amendment (marked 'Amend block'), they cannot make any kind of amendment.
  • If the 'Reroute block' option is marked and the 'Amend block' option is not marked, the user/CRS agent can only make amendments to date, timing, and passenger number changes, not routing changes.
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