20/APR/2020 - Serial Nesting

Dear Customers, 

We would like to update you on a new way to sell your flights on the website using serial nesting. 

First of all, it is important to explain the idea of the Serial Nesting concept and for that, the following table will be used for example:

Priority Class Seats Brand Price (USD) Group
6 A 5 Basic 100 Low
5 B 10 Basic 110 Low
4 C 10 Flex 120 Middle
3 D 5 Flex  130 Middle
2 E 10 Flex Plus 140 High
1 F 10 Flex Plus 150 High


In the first column we have the priority set per class, as you know the higher the number the higher it will show on the list, usually airlines will set a higher priority for their lower price classes as in this example. 

We will need to work with Class groups, in this example, we have 3 of them (Low, Middle and High) which will give you the level of prices to be shown, meaning that the website will always show 1 class with the higher priority for each group.  

If there will be available seats on all classes, the website will show A, C, and E, hence, 1 class for each one of the groups, if the seats in class A would be sold, then B, C, and E will be shown and like that successively.

Notice that because only one class per group is shown, it is recommended that each group you will use one brand, this way you will always offer all the brand options available to your passengers (when seats available).

How to setup Serial Nesting?

You will need to create the relevant class groups according to the level of prices you want to show on the website on the Marketing module.


You have to mark the option 'Use serial nesting' and you can associate the class group with a specific brand. 
It is also possible to use serial nesting without brands. 

You need to associate each class to the relevant group:


And you will need to create your fares regularly (either with or without brands) according to your needs. 

The option 'Show one fare' should be marked under New IBE > Website Clips > Update website setting:


On the website it will show 3 different options (taking our previous example):


Notice that you will either use Serial Nesting or Class branding (one class with multiple brand options).
For any questions or clarifications regarding this new feature, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@aerocrs.com  
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