28/JUN/2020 - Translated invoices for website booking confirmations

Dear Customers,

We would like to update you on a new improvement deployed for the website that will enable you to send a translated invoice to the customer according to the language they used when doing their online booking.

As a reminder, it is already possible to set multi-language templates that will be sent according to the language the customer used to make his online booking (read this article for more details), now the attached invoice will also be translated accordingly.

First, you will have to add the language code for all the relevant RefT Lang records you have available on the 'Administrations > RefT Lang' sub-module.
If you do not have any records set on this screen, add the new languages here and assign the correct language code.


IMPORTANT: the code entered here must match the code used in the 'IBE > Languages' sub-module.

Once the language is created, you will need to translate all the words on the 'RefT Words' sub-module:

1. Open the 'Administrations > RefT Words' sub-module.

2. Set a filter for the relevant language.

3. Translate all the words records, make sure to update the "Translated" field with the translated text.


After the languages were set and all words translated accordingly, contact support@aerocrs.com to request for the activation of this feature.

Once all the steps are completed, when a customer will complete a booking from your website, the template and invoice sent automatically will be translated to his chosen language.

If you have any questions or require additional assistance please submit a support ticket directly or contact us at support@aerocrs.com 
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