23/AUG/2020 - Cargo Suit Improvements

Dear Customers,

We would like to update you regarding several improvements that we deployed for the Cargo Suit feature.

1. Book offline - Pay online

It is now possible to allow customers to pay for their cargo bookings online, directly from the Cargo Tracking page on your IBE (not sure how to create the cargo tracking page on your website? read this article for more details).

Using the package tracking code, customers will be able to locate their booking and if the cargo PNR is not paid yet, they will be automatically redirected to the payment page to complete payment and confirm the cargo booking.

IMPORTANT: It will only be possible to locate the PNR and pay online after the customer's information is inserted on the cargo PNR.

See Example:

2. Send the e-AWB as a PDF attachment via email

It is now possible to send the e-AWB as a PDF file attached to the ref template sent to the customer directly from the PNR screen:


3. Set Sender \ Recipient \ Nature of goods details as mandatory fields per cargo type

It is now possible to define the "Sender" \ "Recipient" \ "Nature of Goods" fields as mandatory per cargo type:


Once marked, the Sender's \ Recipient's name and address will be mandatory to fill as well as the nature of goods information.

4. Nature of Goods - selection from a pre-determined list

It is now possible to set that for a specific cargo type, the "Nature of Goods" field will have a pre-determined list of options and it will not be filled with a free text option.

In order to activate this option, you will need to go to "Cargo > Cargo Nature of Goods" sub-module:


Once there are valid records for a specific cargo type, when booking this specific type, the "Nature of Goods" field will be shown with a dropdown list of the pre-determined options instead of the free-text option:


5. Auto-Fill the Sender and Recipient's information from the customers' records

We have enabled the option to auto-fill the Sender \ Recipients details from the customers' list stored on the system's CRM:


The Sender's \ Recipient's name and address will be entered automatically as it is updated on the Customer's record on the CRM module (same as in the PNR screen option).

6. Cargo prefix code

You can set a prefix cargo code for your tracking code, you will need to set this under Administrations > Users > Company settings:


This will be shown in the first part of your tracking code:


7. Set a cargo max weight limit per flight \ Charter

It is now possible to set a max weight limitation for cargo packages per flight and the system will not allow booking of overweight cargo packages on that flight.

You can set the cargo weight limitation on the flight screen:


It is also possible to set the limitation for several flights in a series from the Flight Series action panel:


For charter flights, you can limit the max weight per A\C registration (tail number):


It is also possible to limit the weight when creating the charter flight on the routing section:


If the selected A/C for the charter flight has a max weight limit, it will not be possible to set a higher limit on the charter settings screen, only a lower weight.
If there is no limitation for the selected A/C, you can set any limitation needed per charter flight created.

- The weight should be entered according to the system's set mass unit (Kg. \ lb.).
- Entering a 0 as weight limitation will allow unlimited cargo on the flight.
- Entering -1 will block any cargo weight added to a flight (Block cargo bookings entirely).
- These options are valid for limiting the cargo weight on scheduled flights or charters. 
If you have any questions or require additional assistance please submit a support ticket directly or contact us at support@aerocrs.com 
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