30/SEP/2020 - Marketing Trigger

Dear Customers, 

We would like to update you on a new feature that will allow you to set up triggers to send automatic email notifications to your customers after specific actions are taken on the system or per operational events timings (i.e. X hour after departure).

In order to be able to use this feature, you should previously create your Sengrid Templates
Note: it is not possible to use the marketing trigger feature without creating a Sengrid account and templates. 

In order to create the list of triggers, you will need to go to 'Marketing > Marketing Trigger' where you can add a new trigger using the New button:


Parameter Description
Trigger name Name of the trigger (internal use)
Sengrid template Dropdown selection for the relevant template
Schedule type Relevant action to configure (find below more information)
CC all passengers  If marked, it will send the email to all the passenger emails on the PNR
Amount of hours Number of hours to trigger the action
Origin From destination (if relevant for the trigger)
Destination To destination (if relevant for the trigger)
Service number  Flight number (if relevant for the trigger)
Content of a PNR Add a condition according to the content of the PNR (find below more information) (if relevant for the trigger)
Fare Brand Fare brand, use this to create triggers per specific brand (if relevant for the trigger)
Class Class code, use this to create triggers per specific class (if relevant for the trigger)
SSR Special service request, use this to create a trigger only for PAX assigned with a specific SSR (if relevant for the trigger)

Notice that the triggers will be valid only for ticketed bookings or bookings that were ticketed (i.e. the email for a canceled service will only be sent if the PNR was originally ticketed).

You can set up the following Schedule types which are the different actions that will trigger the automatic email notifications:

Schedule Type Action
Cancelation of service Canceling a service/flight within the PNR screen
Cancelation of flight Canceling a flight by marking it as inactive
Change in PNR > Booking transfer Making a booking transfer 
Change in PNR > Flight amendment Amending a flight within a PNR
Change in PNR > Name change Changing the name of the passengers within a PNR
Service number change Updating the service/flight number
Service schedule amendment Change of date/destinations of the flight
X hours after departure The email will be sent 'X' hours after the departure (STD) (it is taken from the first leg in case of multileg flights)
X hours after booking The email will be sent 'X' hours after the creation of the booking. You can set the number of hours to zero '0' and the email will be sent immediately after the booking is ticketed
X hours before departure The email will be sent 'X' hours before the departure (STD) (it is taken from the first leg in case of multileg flights)


You can create triggers with multiple conditions according to your needs, for example, it is possible to create a trigger "X hours after booking" with content "Without seat selection", so you can promote the selling of seats for a specific brand:


Emails are sent for ticketed bookings, for example, an amendment of a previously ticketed booking
Emails are sent every 5 minutes
If you have any further questions regarding this new development, please submit a support ticket directly or contact us at support@aerocrs.com 
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