Flight Screen Overview

In this article, we will review the flight screen and all the important information it contains.

The flight screen displays all the information related to a specific flight:

Here is a quick overview about the flight screen. It's an important and use-full screen for operation staff. 

  1. Top area
  2. Passengers area
  3. Classes area
  4. Route break-down
  5. Price break-down
  6. Routing
  7. Total break-down
  8. Service load
  9. Additional options

The top area

Starting from left to right:

  • Number: Flight number
  • Date: Actual day and date for the flight
  • From: Departure from
  • STD: Scheduled time of departure
  • To: Arrival to
  • STA: Scheduled time of arrival
  • Three aircraft icons: Flag the raise for internal use. (Differentiate from other flights.)
  • Plus Icon: Add new class
  • Down arrow: Level down all classes - Set all classes to 0 (Zero)
  • Pencil icon: Edit the flight option
  • Up arrow: Send AVS recap - the option to send an AVS recap for a specific flight.
  • Plus icon: Duplicate / create new flight
  • Two People icon: Manifest edit option
  • Service list: Shows all services of the flight
  • Cell phone icon: Send Flight SMS (Learn more)
  • Plus Icon: Re-queue PNL: Advance option for airlines that use the PNL option.
  • Envelope icon: Send email option. Sends the template from the drop-down menu. (Normally Manifest)
  • Printer icon: Printout option for the template in the drop-down menu. (Normally Manifest)
  • Export icon: Will export to CSV the selected manifest template
  • PDF icon: Will save to PDF the selected manifest template
  • E-mail icon: Will pop-up a window

    • You can select a user to send the manifest to.
    • You can select to attach a PDF or a CSV version of the manifest
  • Check-in screen: Quick button to go to the check-in screen of the flight (Check-in is premium feature and not available to all customers, will appear only if check-in is open).
  • Overlapping icon: Go to overlapping flight (Learn more) (will appear only for overlapping flights)
  • Arrows icon: Refresh data button

Passengers area

See the list of passengers booked on the flight. As well as for:

  • Status: Green=Confirmed, Orange=Request
  • PNR number: Clicking on the PNR will open view mode of PNR screen
  • Title: Title of passenger
  • Name: Full name of passenger
  • C/I: Check in status
  • Total: Total number of passengers
  • Web PN: How many pending passengers are from the website at the moment.
  • M: How many males?
  • F: How many females?
  • C: How many Children?
  • I: How many infants?

Classes Area

Here you can see a break-down for the classes. How many booked / free / request / holding needs for each class.
Click on one class allow you to change the quantity manually.

Price break-down

You can see the break-down of each PNR and the total for the flight.
The pricing break-down is changed with agency commission and discounts given to PNRs.

Route break-down

Route break-down split the flight with all the legs available according to booking on each leg. E.G: From Wil to PMB we have 12 booked passengers and 0 passengers under request.


By clicking on the routing icon you can write to final routing of the flight to be appeared on the manifest and allocate an air-craft registration for the flight. (Learn more.)

Total break-down

This area shows the total break-down of the flight. Shows all the legs and how many passengers suppose to be on each leg. Also it shows free seats available for the flight according to the service load.

Service load

The service load is a drop-down menu which shows all the service loads you have created in the system.
It allows you to change the total seats for that specific flight. Please use with caution as this change the availability of the flight.

Additional options

The left bottom part of the flight screen allows you to make additional changes on the flight:

  • Service notifications: Click on the icon to add additional internal notifications for this specific flight.
  • Active: Set the flight to active or not active
  • Closed: Close the flight for new bookings and/or amendments
  • Web: Show flight on website
  • Agents: Show flight for agents
  • GDS: Show flight on GDS (External connection is a must, please contact us before)
  • Check-in open: Open the check-in for this flight
  • Check-in complete: Set the check-in as completed
  • Drop-down menus: Set the flight information displays (Arrivals / Departures / Check-in counters. This is a premium feature and not available for all customers. Need to set you FID? Learn more.)
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