Fare types

In this article, we will review all three fare types and explore what you can achieve with each one. (Need to learn more about how to create a fare? Please refer to this article.)

The fare types switch is located in the central part of the fare window:

When you open it, you'll see the types themselves:


The first type is the OW (One Way) fare; it's the most simple fare type. When you set the fare to be a one-way fare, it will be shown on every search of the route that you've set for this fare, and the price will always remain the same - the one that you've entered in the first prices row.


The second fare type, OW/RT combination, refers to the case when you want to have a fare for a one-way trip and offer a special price for the return flight. This fare will show up on the route that you've set for it (even if the return date is not set) - and on the opposite route, but only if the user searches for the round trip (fills both departure and return dates while booking a flight). In this case, you should fill the price for the one-way trip in the first prices row, and the price for every leg of the round trip in the second row.

NOTE: The overall price of the round-trip booking will be the price set in the second row, multiplied by 2 (number of legs).

NOTE 2: The Combination fare does not mean that it will work for the opposite route too; It will appear when searching for a round trip for the current route, but if one searches for the opposite route, this fare won't show up. For this case, you'll need to create a separate fare for the opposite route.



The third fare type, RT fare, refers to the case when on certain classes you want to sell only round trips. These fares work only in pairs; in other words, to make it work, you should create an RT fare for the same class for both outbound and inbound legs. In this case, only the first row of prices should be filled, and the "Show only OW fares" option must be checked for that class in the class settings (Marketing -> Classes).

For example, if you want the R class on the Berlin-Madrid route to be sold only for round trip flights, you should create two RT-type fares - Berlin->Madrid and Madrid->Berlin. In this case, class R will appear in the availability search results only if a round trip is requested.


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