No results on flight search

I am trying to search for flights availability using the AVL command, but the search has no results. 



There are few conditions that needs to be met so that flight will show up in the availability search. Saying short, the system must know, that there's an active flight on the chosen route and date, and that flight has a class and an active fare for the route specified.


For this article, we will refer to the Barcelona-Madrid route of the imaginary carrier NorthAir, on 30/07/2016.

Red arrows in this article are pointing to the mistakes in flight settings; 

Green arrows are pointing to the options, that can also have an affect on the flight appearance in the availability search, when used incorrectly.


So, let's begin. 

I know definitely, that I've set everything correctly, but the flight still does not show up. Why? Let's see.

First, let's go to the flight series settings (Operations->Flight Series 2), enter to the relevant flight series and check if everything is set correctly.

If we look on the Active column on our date, 30/07/2016, we'll see that for this specific flight the Active option is not marked - so the system won't count it as an existing one. So, let's enter the flight screen:

Let's check the Active option (and on the way ensure that the "Closed" option is unchecked too), and on the way check which classes are set for that flight - in our case it's only class Y. For the full reference of the Flight Screen functionality please click here.

So now lets check the settings of Y class (Marketing->Classes):

We can see here, that although it's set as Active, the "Show To Direct Customers" checkbox is empty - thus, while searching from CRS, this class will be visible only to agents. One more checkbox that can prevent the class to show up - is "Use Only OW Fares", please refer to the Fare Types article for more information about the usage of this option, and the full Classes screen reference for more information about Class screen.

So, we made the class Y to show up to the direct customers, but the flight still doesn't show up in the availability search - so, probably, there's some problem with the fare. In order to check it, let's go to the Marketing -> Fares:

From those 3 fares for that route, let's choose the one for class Y:

There we can see, that although most of the settings seem to be set alright, but the Sell End date is set to 31.12.2015! of course it won't show up if we're trying to book (sell the fare) in 01.08.2016.

Other options that can affect the fare appearance are marked with the green arrows; please refer to the full Fare screen reference for more information about their effects.


So now, after changing the Sell End date in the fare option, the flight will show up as expected: 

So it was in our case; If it's not in your case, and you have checked all of the flight, class and fare settings, there's a list of more possible reasons:

  1. If you're a non-agent user, specific classes may be set for you in the user settings (Administration -> Users)
  2. If you are an agent user, specific classes may be sent both for your user (in Agents -> CRS Agents) and your agency (Agents -> Agencies)
  3. If you are an agent user, the specific fare scheme may be set for you, or, if there's no scheme set for you, the "See Generic Schemes" option is not set in the agency settings
  4. There may also be destinations-related issues, due to incorrect destination settings - for example, if you have two destinations with the same code, fare may refer to the first one, and the search engine - for the second, or, for an agent user, the destination Min. Booking Interval option may block you from making the last-minute booking.


If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us by submitting a ticket to our Support department, and we will be more than happy to assist you. 


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